monday muse

busty exas well all know, dating a girl with big tits is fun, frustrating & just great.. lower back problems?  nah..we are fine!..oh hers..?  maybe we can hold her boobs for her!?  That’s usually how that story goes!

We are not sure who wouldn’t want to date a big titty girl..but curves are great!  Don’t get us wrong, skinny girls are lots of fun too!  but man!  big fat ass & tits! with some thick legs..!  sweet as!  That’s why i love the summer!  all the girls are out in near nude clothes!  But summer is coming to an end.. 🙁   so with that in is Summer St. Claire

sexy summer st. claireSummer St. Claire legs and assSummer St. Claire sexy tits



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humpday blues

its yet another humpday !   sadly, there is no humping here  🙁 with that in mind.  lets just look at some butts  & congrats to the USA Hockey Olympic Hockey team!

booty emy reyes ass natalia x ginger booty



























and some post Valentines Day Stat:  According to CNN 85% of men and women consider sex to be an important part of Valentine’s Day.  and weird sexual stats.


post humpday blues

Humpday has come and gone..but we have big butts to look at nonetheless. I like big asses, curvy girls..shit women in general, but why hasn’t titty tuesday taken off? Girls wearing showing off the boobage on tuesday would make the weeks just better…heck thong thursday?   see where im going with this…then fucking friday or fuck friday? Either way..lets make that happen…and try this tips when you SEXT a girl…they might just help ya out !

and then there this is video..explains alot.  Good Shit

nipples busty




and coming soon!  hot teen porn baby!  oh yeah!