Wet Fridays!

If you live in the Southern part of California, then you’re getting wet! Thats ok, it wont last but a few days..but the stupid asshole drivers of L.A. will always remain! Its good for the rain to pour down, you can stay in and watch some Boob Tube or wank off in private under your sheets! Here are some images of a warm place, with Kate Upton via Sports Illustrated.


Kate Uptonfat assKate Upton





happy wet friday!

humpday blues

its yet another humpday !   sadly, there is no humping here  🙁 with that in mind.  lets just look at some butts  & congrats to the USA Hockey Olympic Hockey team!

booty emy reyes ass natalia x ginger booty



























and some post Valentines Day Stat:  According to CNN 85% of men and women consider sex to be an important part of Valentine’s Day.  and weird sexual stats.


Fuck yeah!

Hola Mo’fuckas! its friday, payday for most, end of the month..time to get some drinks flowing with the friends! Im stoked about the Kings! They are doing better than expected! Hope they can beat them Blackhawks! Cool Kings vid…
not much else, have some traveling to to do…Budapest & then Italy..shooting them EU hoes! Ill post some pics later, but for now..heres some current mas putas for ya!
Cheers &happy Friday ! Just in case you hate someone….send them this ! it’s classic revenge!

string bikini rocks

and just for the fuck of it…nudes…yay!

jacky joy pussy goodness1

jacky joy pussy goodness1


katja kassin

katja kassin