nfl or nudes ?

its Sunday, so in the US it makes a day for the football, not soccer but the NFL.  trust us, if there were more cheerleaders in sexier clothing  then we would be all about it!  But its too regulated & not enough tits & ass for us…but that’s just us… so in lieu of football enjoy these nudes for now…  5226_image_901981

source: reka nyari

even more pantyhose

pantyhoseeven more pantyhose

and if you want to see almost nude girls…girls in pantyhose…here ya go!  and more here as well.

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Oktoberfest! Beers,Brats & Boobs !

Hola Pinches Gueyes!

its friday and a great time to look for the perfect places to get piss drunk for Oktoberfest! Ive been to a few before and its always a good idea to either get a designated driver or a cab! ha , that easy! That being said, check out the local papers for close to home festivities ! but if you have to drive far, just have a good time!  Theres been a plethora of hot new female babes popping outta the wood work!  and thats rad for the porn fans!  we are looking forward to shooting many of them too! It should make for an awesome end of year porn shoot run great and make the vegas convention even more fun! this week has been semi productive, not much to say but just hurry up and wait…but well wait hurriedly.  and with that we say good day!  dont forget your beers & some tits for your pleaure and as well as some links for some Oktoberfest locations!

this great tattoo!



and now some babes!

babeSyren-Sextongingersiri_licksexy       hooker curvy


Fuck yeah!

Hola Mo’fuckas! its friday, payday for most, end of the month..time to get some drinks flowing with the friends! Im stoked about the Kings! They are doing better than expected! Hope they can beat them Blackhawks! Cool Kings vid…
not much else, have some traveling to to do…Budapest & then Italy..shooting them EU hoes! Ill post some pics later, but for now..heres some current mas putas for ya!
Cheers &happy Friday ! Just in case you hate someone….send them this ! it’s classic revenge!

string bikini rocks

and just for the fuck of it…nudes…yay!

jacky joy pussy goodness1

jacky joy pussy goodness1

katja kassin

katja kassin