humpday again?! wtf

here is another week and another humpday going by…have you guys  heard about the pippi longstocking sex tape?!  thats rad! hope she gets some knob kebabing and her ass pounded, cause, its humpday… Pippy_longstockingwell lets just see humps all day long then!



and wait…so there are aliens or what?!  just read the link and trip the fuck out…and yes!  whos ready for some LA Kings Hockey!?  we are!  heres just a little hockey fest … and I am down for women wearing skimpy panties…like these from Knickerocker

cute titties

cute titties

il_570xN.453468905_dz8j Cute-Panties-with-a-Animal-face-and-ears-2





and some Emma heart!  wowsers!!


why must I chase the cat…

well it’s been one of them weeks…shits going good then blam!  here’s a bag of shit & dicks for me to chew on…lucky for me it’s already unwrapped…haha! right!?                                      either way  lets look at a girls view point on some dick pics..its some good I love me some tattooed girls with big tits & fat ass!

and check this out,  what happens on internet in 1 second. LINK  

and its saturday, chillen, getting some B.B.Q. & beers..nothing big is going on except if you’re Egypt..then fuck that shit…even if you have to work today, it;s better than being stuck in the middle east with those crazy mofuckers! blowin up all kinds of shit in the name of allah?!  get the fuck outta here!   lets look at tits & ass!  ‘Merica!

perfect ass asian booty booty





post humpday blues

Humpday has come and gone..but we have big butts to look at nonetheless. I like big asses, curvy girls..shit women in general, but why hasn’t titty tuesday taken off? Girls wearing showing off the boobage on tuesday would make the weeks just better…heck thong thursday?   see where im going with this…then fucking friday or fuck friday? Either way..lets make that happen…and try this tips when you SEXT a girl…they might just help ya out !

and then there this is video..explains alot.  Good Shit

nipples busty




and coming soon!  hot teen porn baby!  oh yeah!

Fuck yeah!

Hola Mo’fuckas! its friday, payday for most, end of the month..time to get some drinks flowing with the friends! Im stoked about the Kings! They are doing better than expected! Hope they can beat them Blackhawks! Cool Kings vid…
not much else, have some traveling to to do…Budapest & then Italy..shooting them EU hoes! Ill post some pics later, but for now..heres some current mas putas for ya!
Cheers &happy Friday ! Just in case you hate someone….send them this ! it’s classic revenge!

string bikini rocks

and just for the fuck of it…nudes…yay!

jacky joy pussy goodness1

jacky joy pussy goodness1

katja kassin

katja kassin