nfl or nudes ?

its Sunday, so in the US it makes a day for the football, not soccer but the NFL.  trust us, if there were more cheerleaders in sexier clothing  then we would be all about it!  But its too regulated & not enough tits & ass for us…but that’s just us… so in lieu of football enjoy these nudes for now…  5226_image_901981

source: reka nyari

even more pantyhose

pantyhoseeven more pantyhose

and if you want to see almost nude girls…girls in pantyhose…here ya go!  and more here as well.

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Pantyhose Lovers

it’s that time again..another post :(

‘Ello Moto!  you guys remember that commercial?

They were pretty catchy. Which brings me to todays post. What simple word or adjective or verb catches your eye? or maybe an image of an object ?  Reading alot of articles or looking at lots of pics & video to edit,  you start to notice little things that you normally wouldn’t have.  and I know that football season has begun underway.. so that’s going to take precedent!  anyway,  just random shit to ponder… I’m looking forward to hockey season!  Go Kings!  fuck the ducks! check out what J.J. Watt has to say about hockey.           Speaking of hockey, sign a grilled cheese lately? Only from the F-Bomb crazy Jonathan Quick!    and since it’s friday,  go try something fun & different…like this !  ok  enough shit from me, enjoy your day, drink booze, smoke weed, bang hoes! or trannys or dudes if thats your thing, not judging… 🙂

luchalibre booty! lizzie_a_josephine_posing samadams jordan_carver_nip_slip_fake Playboy_2010_07_Greece dikes teamcanada_toews