how to watch porn…Really?

let me get this right…there is an article on how to watch porn?  dang!  GQ sometimes will put out some stupid shit, but we are intrigued.  Lets read that here shall we…  but first, a quote from the lovely Stoya: “If for some reason you can’t pay for my work, I prefer you either go to DHPTube,, very specifically—not PornHub, not YouPorn, not RedTube—it’s not owned by MindGeek. Or use the Torrent sites… It seems to me that largely the culture based around Torrent sites is: Information should be free! And the culture based around Tube sites is: Well, they’re just whores.”

source; GQ

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im a idioit liar sumbag, but please hire me

im a idiot liar sumbag, but please hire me