more monday mammaries

another monday which means a new week for some monday boobies!  heard over the weekend that kate upton & sports illustrated had some pics of her nudity taken down…like that shit aint all over the internet …haha  so with that, well have some kate upton boobies for you!  and the buzz about #sxsw is what?  any good adult related shorts or movies ? Nothing beats Hookers at the Point !  enjoy your monday, hookers, coffee, work & kate upton boobs….


Kate Upton Kate Upton Kate Upton





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Wet Fridays!

If you live in the Southern part of California, then you’re getting wet! Thats ok, it wont last but a few days..but the stupid asshole drivers of L.A. will always remain! Its good for the rain to pour down, you can stay in and watch some Boob Tube or wank off in private under your sheets! Here are some images of a warm place, with Kate Upton via Sports Illustrated.


Kate Uptonfat assKate Upton





happy wet friday!


hello to all you love struck people! today is a great day of showing the love & affection of the ones you love the most!  just this one day!  because the other 364 days you cant stand them sons of bitches?!  but ill share with you what i enjoy!


kate uptonCurvy, Sexy Italian broads

Marika Fruscio

Weird eclectic art





and sluts! like the ones found here! Click me!