Paris Hilton likes getting Facials !

Paris Hilton likes getting facialized!  we knew it! that Paris Hilton was always a dirty ho! but at least she confirms it!… wait.. oh..what?! nevermind…stupid #blonde moment…  well if she didnt get any facials..but you can find some here!  and here is some brunette eye candy for you to enjoy…


thong thursday perhaps ?

Depending on where you live, we have margarita monday, titty tuesday? humpday, but thursday is throwback day? #WTF?  shouldn’t that day be for thongs & butt cheeks?  well im all for big butts & tits.. so if thursday is just throwback day, then throwback some tits on this page! check out this lovely Russian beauty , (pics below)! She gets the concept of thongs, tits and ass!  and check out these links too!  Betty from Hungary is wow!   and don’t forget to follow us on twitter & FB!

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