it does rain in socal

people say it never rain in southern California,  today it did!  and then some!    it was the perfect weather for some hanging on the couch & sleeping in type of weather.  or if you lucky bastards could muster was find yourself a hot babe or milf & just fuck ! type of weather!

And for babe  we mean the hot sexy brazilian Adriana Sephora!  and shes flexible too!  suck them Brasil toes baby! adriana sephora sucksadriana sephora boobs

adriana sephora pussy











See more of Adriana Here!!!

But if you are more into problem   we got that too!  Nice Blonde Zoey.  She has some big tits & nice ass for an older broad!  and shes spread & ready for some dick!  Click here to see more !

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as always !   show these guys some love!

big booty cutie

well its been even longer that last time to get some posts up here…but we are on it !  we had some work related issues to fix…but that dont matter….well start getting you want you want!  the hottest porn around!  we will start with some celebrity big ass!

Here is Iggy Azalea’s ass!   nice huh?!








and her claim to fame…Fancy

thong thursday perhaps ?

Depending on where you live, we have margarita monday, titty tuesday? humpday, but thursday is throwback day? #WTF?  shouldn’t that day be for thongs & butt cheeks?  well im all for big butts & tits.. so if thursday is just throwback day, then throwback some tits on this page! check out this lovely Russian beauty , (pics below)! She gets the concept of thongs, tits and ass!  and check out these links too!  Betty from Hungary is wow!   and don’t forget to follow us on twitter & FB!

twitter.comhelga_lovekaty Helga-Lovekaty-70 Helga-Lovekaty-56 Helga-Lovekaty-65 Helga-Lovekaty-61









this :

#WCW or humpday ?

We don’t really know where this term came from but we don’t care, because we love it! Bigbutts, yoga pants, thongs, booty, PAWG.. all that! So we are gonna post some pics for ya! and some links, show some love & check them out!

Summer Brielle at Elegant Angel        

Cindy Starfall fucked by 2 big cocks

Phoenix Marie anally fucked !

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Wet Fridays!

If you live in the Southern part of California, then you’re getting wet! Thats ok, it wont last but a few days..but the stupid asshole drivers of L.A. will always remain! Its good for the rain to pour down, you can stay in and watch some Boob Tube or wank off in private under your sheets! Here are some images of a warm place, with Kate Upton via Sports Illustrated.


Kate Uptonfat assKate Upton





happy wet friday!

humpday blues

its yet another humpday !   sadly, there is no humping here  🙁 with that in mind.  lets just look at some butts  & congrats to the USA Hockey Olympic Hockey team!

booty emy reyes ass natalia x ginger booty



























and some post Valentines Day Stat:  According to CNN 85% of men and women consider sex to be an important part of Valentine’s Day.  and weird sexual stats.


thirsty thursdays…

almost ready for the weekend events of…?  drinking, drugs & debauchery. A big fuck you to the parking enforcement, glad this cocksucker got fired!  and a big thanks to the unsing hero Brian Moya!

and with all the Zombie movies going around, when did this classic come out?! as well that i’ve been living under a rock, Chrissy Teigen is a hot little baby! and she has a pretty blog/ least we think its cool Chrissy Teigan  :(big tits and ass










did we mention that we loooove Stacy Massey? and these Italian Ducati models! whoa!

Stacey_Massey_Topless ducati-girls-920-11ducati-girls-920-56









and a big wtf to this bathroom?!  it makes sense if your a single creepy bachelor…but seriously ?!  WTF?!

WTF Bathroom?!

WTF Bathroom?!

it’s that time again..another post :(

‘Ello Moto!  you guys remember that commercial?

They were pretty catchy. Which brings me to todays post. What simple word or adjective or verb catches your eye? or maybe an image of an object ?  Reading alot of articles or looking at lots of pics & video to edit,  you start to notice little things that you normally wouldn’t have.  and I know that football season has begun underway.. so that’s going to take precedent!  anyway,  just random shit to ponder… I’m looking forward to hockey season!  Go Kings!  fuck the ducks! check out what J.J. Watt has to say about hockey.           Speaking of hockey, sign a grilled cheese lately? Only from the F-Bomb crazy Jonathan Quick!    and since it’s friday,  go try something fun & different…like this !  ok  enough shit from me, enjoy your day, drink booze, smoke weed, bang hoes! or trannys or dudes if thats your thing, not judging… 🙂

luchalibre booty! lizzie_a_josephine_posing samadams jordan_carver_nip_slip_fake Playboy_2010_07_Greece dikes teamcanada_toews



humpday again?! wtf

here is another week and another humpday going by…have you guys  heard about the pippi longstocking sex tape?!  thats rad! hope she gets some knob kebabing and her ass pounded, cause, its humpday… Pippy_longstockingwell lets just see humps all day long then!



and wait…so there are aliens or what?!  just read the link and trip the fuck out…and yes!  whos ready for some LA Kings Hockey!?  we are!  heres just a little hockey fest … and I am down for women wearing skimpy panties…like these from Knickerocker

cute titties

cute titties

il_570xN.453468905_dz8j Cute-Panties-with-a-Animal-face-and-ears-2





and some Emma heart!  wowsers!!


why must I chase the cat…

well it’s been one of them weeks…shits going good then blam!  here’s a bag of shit & dicks for me to chew on…lucky for me it’s already unwrapped…haha! right!?                                      either way  lets look at a girls view point on some dick pics..its some good I love me some tattooed girls with big tits & fat ass!

and check this out,  what happens on internet in 1 second. LINK  

and its saturday, chillen, getting some B.B.Q. & beers..nothing big is going on except if you’re Egypt..then fuck that shit…even if you have to work today, it;s better than being stuck in the middle east with those crazy mofuckers! blowin up all kinds of shit in the name of allah?!  get the fuck outta here!   lets look at tits & ass!  ‘Merica!

perfect ass asian booty booty