fuck it friday

Another glorious friday is here!  time to get over this workday crap and get ready for the weekend!  so some sad news …. Vine to no longer accept porn vids – clips?  then fuck Vine! wtf?  that sucks..thought that was the whole reason for vine in the first place?  well at least you can keep your porn viewing here and here !  with that in mind… here is some SFW eye candy!


Wet Fridays!

If you live in the Southern part of California, then you’re getting wet! Thats ok, it wont last but a few days..but the stupid asshole drivers of L.A. will always remain! Its good for the rain to pour down, you can stay in and watch some Boob Tube or wank off in private under your sheets! Here are some images of a warm place, with Kate Upton via Sports Illustrated.


Kate Uptonfat assKate Upton





happy wet friday!