Oktoberfest! Beers,Brats & Boobs !

Hola Pinches Gueyes!

its friday and a great time to look for the perfect places to get piss drunk for Oktoberfest! Ive been to a few before and its always a good idea to either get a designated driver or a cab! ha , that easy! That being said, check out the local papers for close to home festivities ! but if you have to drive far, just have a good time!  Theres been a plethora of hot new female babes popping outta the wood work!  and thats rad for the porn fans!  we are looking forward to shooting many of them too! It should make for an awesome end of year porn shoot run great and make the vegas convention even more fun! this week has been semi productive, not much to say but just hurry up and wait…but well wait hurriedly.  and with that we say good day!  dont forget your beers & some tits for your pleaure and as well as some links for some Oktoberfest locations!

this great tattoo!



and now some babes!

babeSyren-Sextongingersiri_licksexy       hooker curvy


why must I chase the cat…

well it’s been one of them weeks…shits going good then blam!  here’s a bag of shit & dicks for me to chew on…lucky for me it’s already unwrapped…haha! right!?                                      either way  lets look at a girls view point on some dick pics..its some good shit..plus I love me some tattooed girls with big tits & fat ass!

and check this out,  what happens on internet in 1 second. LINK  

and its saturday, chillen, getting some B.B.Q. & beers..nothing big is going on except if you’re Egypt..then fuck that shit…even if you have to work today, it;s better than being stuck in the middle east with those crazy mofuckers! blowin up all kinds of shit in the name of allah?!  get the fuck outta here!   lets look at tits & ass!  ‘Merica!

perfect ass asian booty booty





over hump day, its fuck it friday!

been busy shooting for ITC Media,  fun, babes, tits & big booty o’plenty!  But first lets talk about work,  if a job is offered and you agree to take it, would the distance matter..say its a 1 day gig in Barstow, pays cash at $100 per hour for an 8 hour day…would you take it still?  hmmm  wonder about these models sometimes…  Ok, enough about that shit…lets talk grub!  I had a grilled cheese & beer. It was some amazing stuff!  Try out Tee’s on the Green when you’re by Tujunga, best little hole in the wall bar-restaurant.


whoa!  with an E at the end!

whoa! with an E at the end!

life hsappens

life hsappens

tees's on the green!  great food & beers!

tees’s on the green! great food & beers!

toy shelf

she's amazingly great!

she’s amazingly great!

my personal fav!

my personal fav!

eve evans

“Who am I….? 24601!

welll, I gotta say that I did enjoy the new Les Mis movie, great visuals. although not everyone could sing, it was enjoyable & Borat took the show! Either way, it’s worth a movie view! or get the movie…

and after that movie do some of this: http://www.complex.com/city-guide/2013/03/25-booze-hacks-every-drinker-needs-to-know/open-a-beer-bottle-with-a-dollar-bill?utm_campaign=socialflow_complex_twitter&utm_source=complex_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow
#15 is an amazing idea!

and lastly…as much as I’ma Kings fan, Crosby is right on!