yeah, let’s just do that…

well…life is good, stupid people remain the same, stuff goes and life happens. This is a good productive month so I’ll keep it simple and just add pics & links…
body hair? good or bad?




and Breaking Bad is dope! got hooked on that show! check the art here!  I’ve seen some good art here and there,  but there are some bad ass drawings there!  and how about some rally racing! check out this video below, that navigator would piss me the fuck off!

ok..and now some babes…

nice tits

nice snatchrachel roxxxrachel fucking her pussy

its Friday, aint got no job, aint got shit to do!

well  its another day,  getting closer to that day of excitement!  Ok, enough of that shit…lets see…anyone make it to ComicCon in San Diego?  looks like lots of fun, gonna have to go next year for sure!  half naked babes, cool nerd toys & stars, even some Porn babe go!  Whats not to like?!  So next subject.. ART …I dig it,  from weird abstract shit to old renaissance paitnings..but here…this is a classic masterpiece done by @Leya Falcon !  its amazing huh?!  well  here are some other pics, art, ComicCon babes  etc…thanks & Go Fuck Yourself San Diego!

leya falcon_art  Screen shot 2013-07-19 at 2.49.08 PM mariedoll_cleavage

ivydoomkittysdcc2013pugs gone wild simpsons tattoo