how to watch porn…Really?

let me get this right…there is an article on how to watch porn?  dang!  GQ sometimes will put out some stupid shit, but we are intrigued.  Lets read that here shall we…  but first, a quote from the lovely Stoya: “If for some reason you can’t pay for my work, I prefer you either go to DHPTube,, very specifically—not PornHub, not YouPorn, not RedTube—it’s not owned by MindGeek. Or use the Torrent sites… It seems to me that largely the culture based around Torrent sites is: Information should be free! And the culture based around Tube sites is: Well, they’re just whores.”

source; GQ

but if reading articles is not your thing…just consider babes & thick curvy girls…  curvy or a sexy milf milf








if thats not enough..check out these links below…

Horny babe Lana Zeal masturbating her wet pussy.

Stunning babe Ani Blackfox playing with her twat.

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humpday again?! wtf

here is another week and another humpday going by…have you guys  heard about the pippi longstocking sex tape?!  thats rad! hope she gets some knob kebabing and her ass pounded, cause, its humpday… Pippy_longstockingwell lets just see humps all day long then!



and wait…so there are aliens or what?!  just read the link and trip the fuck out…and yes!  whos ready for some LA Kings Hockey!?  we are!  heres just a little hockey fest … and I am down for women wearing skimpy panties…like these from Knickerocker

cute titties

cute titties

il_570xN.453468905_dz8j Cute-Panties-with-a-Animal-face-and-ears-2





and some Emma heart!  wowsers!!


Go Kings! Fuck Van Nuys Court & Costa Rica rocks!

So first off, Kings are doing better than I expected, but the Sharks are a tough team. If the Kings can win at least 1 game in the Shark Tank. the San Jose fishes are done son! …Almost forgot, @Patrick_ONeal dude! You suck as an announcer!

canucks & sharks suck

canucks & sharks suck







And lets not forget those asshole sheriffs, LAPD, court Judge on 4th floor, division 103, she can suck a big fat dick!  Fuck you lady!   Anway, after a few days in the lovely twin towers hotel, there will be no mo’  Caltrans!  yay for me!  Now back to some porn smut! Cause we need to get back up & running!  In the mean time, check out some tits from Costa Rica & shoots!  So in no particular order is Aaliyah Love, Lola Foxx, & Anikka Albrite, with some other perks! Enjoy! Pura Vida!!

dani_DANIELS housecleaning anikka_albrite costarica_colones_money threesome_anikka_lola_aaliyah anikkaalbrite_lolafoxx_aaliyahlove


“Who am I….? 24601!

welll, I gotta say that I did enjoy the new Les Mis movie, great visuals. although not everyone could sing, it was enjoyable & Borat took the show! Either way, it’s worth a movie view! or get the movie…

and after that movie do some of this:
#15 is an amazing idea!

and lastly…as much as I’ma Kings fan, Crosby is right on!

man, fuck a duck!

Tell ya what…when you hire someone to do a job, and they make excuses & lie and then blame you for stuff that didnt happen…fuck’em! you should have hired someone else! and another thing, don’t hire someone that another company fired..its just stupid..well I learned the hard way…and fuck this guy…

look!  im an idiot!

im a idioit liar sumbag, but please hire me

im a idiot liar sumbag, but please hire me