Paris Hilton likes getting Facials !

Paris Hilton likes getting facialized!  we knew it! that Paris Hilton was always a dirty ho! but at least she confirms it!… wait.. oh..what?! nevermind…stupid #blonde moment…  well if she didnt get any facials..but you can find some here!  and here is some brunette eye candy for you to enjoy…


more monday mammaries

another monday which means a new week for some monday boobies!  heard over the weekend that kate upton & sports illustrated had some pics of her nudity taken down…like that shit aint all over the internet …haha  so with that, well have some kate upton boobies for you!  and the buzz about #sxsw is what?  any good adult related shorts or movies ? Nothing beats Hookers at the Point !  enjoy your monday, hookers, coffee, work & kate upton boobs….


Kate Upton Kate Upton Kate Upton





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fuck it friday

Another glorious friday is here!  time to get over this workday crap and get ready for the weekend!  so some sad news …. Vine to no longer accept porn vids – clips?  then fuck Vine! wtf?  that sucks..thought that was the whole reason for vine in the first place?  well at least you can keep your porn viewing here and here !  with that in mind… here is some SFW eye candy!


thong thursday perhaps ?

Depending on where you live, we have margarita monday, titty tuesday? humpday, but thursday is throwback day? #WTF?  shouldn’t that day be for thongs & butt cheeks?  well im all for big butts & tits.. so if thursday is just throwback day, then throwback some tits on this page! check out this lovely Russian beauty , (pics below)! She gets the concept of thongs, tits and ass!  and check out these links too!  Betty from Hungary is wow!   and don’t forget to follow us on twitter & FB!

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post oscar blues monday

another monday work week ahead of us! blah, coffee, boobs, babes, ass….porn. Priorities !  I didnt really care for the oscars,  yes the movies were great, but i dont give a flying fuck who wins or loses. Sure the actresses look hot, but can you really call Kim Kardashian an actor?  yeah, more like porn slut. Aside from her big fat ass, never really understood why she was so famous….on second thought

kim kardashian slut (2) kim kardashian slut (1)





Kim Kardashian Fucking Rapper Ray J powered by dhptube.

Wet Fridays!

If you live in the Southern part of California, then you’re getting wet! Thats ok, it wont last but a few days..but the stupid asshole drivers of L.A. will always remain! Its good for the rain to pour down, you can stay in and watch some Boob Tube or wank off in private under your sheets! Here are some images of a warm place, with Kate Upton via Sports Illustrated.


Kate Uptonfat assKate Upton





happy wet friday!

thursday throwbacks – NSFW

well, i dont have any throwback pics of, im not sure you’d want to see my ugly mugs then or now! So what we’ll do is stick with titty thursdays!

humpday blues

its yet another humpday !   sadly, there is no humping here  🙁 with that in mind.  lets just look at some butts  & congrats to the USA Hockey Olympic Hockey team!

booty emy reyes ass natalia x ginger booty



























and some post Valentines Day Stat:  According to CNN 85% of men and women consider sex to be an important part of Valentine’s Day.  and weird sexual stats.