saturday shenanigans

lets start off with just enjoying some ac on this hot Saturday night!  Its been super hot here in the Los Angeles area! on the upside is that girls wear skimpier clothes, downside  why are they still wearing clothes ?  speaking of girls..these got the sex drive on overdrive, using toys and other great things. Read more here..

one of the most sexual pleasures known is anal! having anal sex is not for everyone, but when you do it right, its intense pleasure for the female!  and thats great!   Just look at this hot tanned babe sticking a big dildo in her ass!

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and here is this beauty,




just a simple tease is all…Stacey Robyn teasing in the chair.   if you want to see here



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fuck it friday

its Friday, get ready for the weekend, have some fun, booze up, party it up, its summer..find a cutie like Dakota Skye and just have fun and make sure  you get some of these condoms, and when you’re is a way to tell if she is faking it..they usually all are …just don’t what these cheaters did…here .   …and if things don’t pan out… you always have some free porn

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fuck it friday

Another glorious friday is here!  time to get over this workday crap and get ready for the weekend!  so some sad news …. Vine to no longer accept porn vids – clips?  then fuck Vine! wtf?  that sucks..thought that was the whole reason for vine in the first place?  well at least you can keep your porn viewing here and here !  with that in mind… here is some SFW eye candy!



hello to all you love struck people! today is a great day of showing the love & affection of the ones you love the most!  just this one day!  because the other 364 days you cant stand them sons of bitches?!  but ill share with you what i enjoy!


kate uptonCurvy, Sexy Italian broads

Marika Fruscio

Weird eclectic art





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